International Yoga Day: Narendra Modi’s Impactful Address at the UN

Narendra Modi sets world record in Guinness in UN.

International Yoga Day, celebrated annually on June 21st, is an occasion that promotes the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being associated with the ancient practice of yoga. One of the key figures instrumental in elevating yoga’s global recognition is Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Through his impactful address at the United Nations, Modi has played … Read more

US-China Tensions: Biden Strongly Criticizes Xi Jinping’s Dictatorial Regime

US China Talks, Blinken - xi jinping,

In a striking move that underscores the escalating tensions between the United States and China, President Joe Biden did not mince his words when referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Following a crucial meeting between Washington and Beijing, Biden publicly labelled Xi Jinping as a dictator. This verbal attack comes as a significant shift in … Read more

5 Best Celebrity Fathers

There have been several famous fathers in the United States who have played significant roles in ensuring the success of their children. Through their guidance, support, and mentorship, these fathers have provided a strong foundation for their children’s achievements. Here are a few more examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, … Read more

Is US Stock Market booming?

The S&P 500 index achieved a significant milestone on Thursday, as it recorded a 20% increase from its recent low, officially entering a bull market. This accomplishment is noteworthy, considering the challenges that stocks have encountered, particularly due to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes aimed at combating inflation. Reaching this benchmark has the … Read more

How AI can support in upcoming Recession

There’s no need to worry about losing jobs during a recession because of the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s why: Remember, the impact of AI on jobs may vary across industries and regions. But by embracing AI’s potential, being open to learning, and adapting to change, individuals and societies can navigate the changing … Read more

Is United States a declining power?

Many experts argue that the United States remains a preeminent global power, emphasizing factors such as military capabilities, technological innovation, cultural influence, and alliances. Evaluating the rise or decline of a country requires a comprehensive analysis of various factors across different domains. However, the topics illustrated below indicate a decline in once unchallenged might of … Read more